What Would I Do without My Sister

Today was an average Monday, at best, until I checked the mail – it was a windfall – InStyle arrived and so did a mystery bubble envelope with a return address from my sister.  Inside was not only a note of encouragement, but also the new Civil Wars CD!  The note would have been enough – but that fun little gift tucked inside was sure fun to open.  The music on it is extraordinary – The Civil Wars just have a special sound and vibe.  I hope they can patch up whatever is troubling them as a recording duo so that the world isn’t robbed of future great music – they have such amazing sonic chemistry.

Aside from the greatness of The Civil Wars CD is the greatness of my sister.  Some people are just born to take care of other people – she was born to take care of me.  I always feel like I come up short compared to her – I’ve always been the one who floats and dodges around more – then you have my sister, grounded, responsible, steady, consistent, very thoughtful and very plugged in.  I’m not sure if it is a factor of birth order – she is the oldest – or sheer personality – but she always looks out for me.  When we were little we were riding with my dad on a good size tractor – we were literally sitting on this side rest (they would never let kids do this today) and somehow I fell out and off and right in range of the big tractor tires that were in motion to run straight over my legs.  In a split second and I still don’t know how – my sister was able to hop off the tractor and push me out of the way – just in time to keep my little legs from being run over.  I remember thinking “how did she get off so fast to push me away?”  I  guess it doesn’t matter – what matters is that she did – and still does.  When I am in harms way or at the fork in the road with no idea of which direction to walk, she points me onward. Does she choose to love me or is she wired to love me?  Either way – I don’t care – the fact is that she does love me.  And I love her.  No one could ask for a better sister than her. 


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